Sierra is the premier provider of redwood and wood fences. Also specializing in custom wood gates, decks, arbors, trellis’s, gazebos,wood benches, and custom builds in the bay area.


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Redwood grades:

  • Construction Common – This would be our base grade of redwood material. This material is milled from the outer region of the redwood tree. It consists of a combination of sap and heart wood, that appears yellowish and reddish in color with a consistent tight knot structure. Mostly used for production fencing and residential fencing.
  • Construction Heart – This is our slightly higher grade of redwood material. This grade appears with a prominent red color and less, if any, sap wood, with smaller an fewer knots throughout the product. Widely used for production and residential fencing projects and found both surfaced and rough products.
  • Select heart – This grade is one our surfaced products and is rich in that pink or reddish hue. This grade will still have knots, although tighter and less frequent.
  • Heart B – Typically dime size knots are found in this product and sparse on the best face of the product. Applied in deck, arbor and specialty gates construction and also has a wonderful hue of reddish pink.
  • Clear All Heart – This would be our top grade of redwood material. This product is milled from the inner region of the redwood tree. Consists of all heart wood and has no knots from the best face of the product. Rich in color and grain and usually found in decking material and specialty gate products.

Pressure Treated Material:

This lumber is ideal for underpinnings for decks and perfect for retaining walls. When used for building fences, this product is usually a Hemlock fir product that has been treated with chemicals. We use this product for most of our fence posts, and kick boards as well as our smaller retaining wall projects, but are not limited to and we can provide Douglas fir, pressure treated products as well.

Composite Decking Material:

EverGrain decking. Composite decking featuring an incredibly true-to-life, deep lasting grain. Designed for those who love the natural look of real wood with low maintenance.  EverGrain decking requires no staining or painting and is available in 4 beautiful colors to complement any home.


Ipe’ Decking Material:

IPE’ Decking and Railings (air dried) – Ipe’ is an extremely dense hardwood that is one of our most preferred woods for decking because of its rich reddish-brown hue, all-heart grade, exceptional grain pattern and decay resistant properties. it is highly resistant to scratches, termites, fungi, chemicals and fire. In fact, Ipe has a Class A fire rating, similar to concrete or steel.